About Us

Bikers for Food

Ever get an idea in your head and it just hangs out there nagging at you for ever and you just can’t make it go away? Well that is why this is here. I have thought about doing an “Iron Butt” ride for a long time now but always thought that it would be better to do it for a reason….other than just because. So I thought hey a bike-a-thon you know like those jog-a-thons you used to do in school where someone says they will sponsor you for 5 cents a lap or something. Well there are lots of folks that need assistance for food, there are lots of bikers out there that need an excuse to ride, and I am sure there are lots of generous people that would sponsor a biker riding for a good cause. Although I still plan on organizing a group Iron Butt ride currently we are kicking things off with a standard poker run for more information look at our events page.

Supporting Local Food Banks

OK as of right now this very second this is just me…but I hope to get more people involved and grow this into several events a year across the country. We are riding for my local food bank The Glen Rose Food Bank. As (if we get interest) the event grows we will expand this to support more local food banks.