10th Annual Spring Run

The Bikers for Grub Run is just around the corner. April 27 we will be starting at The Backporch Sports Bar just off Highway 67 in Glen Rose!!! $20 per per hand plus 2 cans of grub will get you in the ride. Registration starts at 11:00am with the first bikes out at noon. We will have door prizes in addition to the prizes for the run plus the 50/50 raffle.  This year we will be ending the ride at BorderTown Sport Bar in Glen Rose! Download the flyer here!

Supporting Local Food Banks

Welcome to Bikers for Grub. I put this site together because I feel that food banks are a worthy cause and I know that bikers are some of the nicest people in the world. For more information about the origins of this site/organization (I use the word very loosely) visit the about us page. So far we have had 7 Poker runs and ended up raising a significant amount of money for the local food bank here in Glen Rose. Our next event is already in the planning stages and we plan to make it bigger and better than the last one. Check back to this site often for more information.

How YOU can Help

Well the easiest way is to come to one of our events and give us your money. I know that is hard to do if our event is in Texas and you are in California (Don’t be a sissy get on that bike and ride!!!!) However if you are in California and want to spend a little lot of time organizing a poker run or other event that will benefit a food bank contact us and we will get you pointed in the right direction to plan your own event. We will post the event here as well as on a lot of the motorcycle event websites, help you design flyers, give you ideas for ways to get sponsors…..and if enough of you people start signing up to do runs then we get a collective bargaining thing going on and can start to get national sponsors for these runs. We have a couple of rules if you want to organize an event under the Bikers for Grub name.

1. You can make NO money from the event (actually you will probably spend some)
2. A minimum of 75% of all proceeds must go to a food bank

That’s it, we want people that are wanting to do this because it is the right thing to do. If you are an individual or a club member that wants to set up a run please contact us.